School Reopening 2020

Welcome to our 2020 school reopening page. We'll use this page to update families and provide important links and information regarding the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. 
The link below provides an introduction and overview of the reopening plans. This may be most helpful as you begin to make decisions for your family regarding the upcoming school year. 
The link on the right side of the page contains the fully detailed plans that were submitted to New York State. You'll want to review the documents to get more in-depth information about each component of our plan.

District Statement Regarding COVID Testing

The District neither initiates nor oversees COVID-19 testing. The District will follow the screening protocol outlined in our Reopening Plan that is consistent with state-wide guidelines from the Department of Health. Individuals who exhibit symptoms of COVID prior to arrival or while they are on school grounds are directed by the district plan to seek out medical attention.

Click below to see the Department of Health's statement about the COVID testing plan.

District Statement Regarding Contact Tracing

The District neither initiates nor oversees contact tracing. In the event that the Department of Health determines they need to do contact tracing, a Department of Health representative will reach out to the District point of contact, Lacey Diemer, for a list of close contacts of the affected individual. A close contact is defined as anyone who has been within 6 feet for 10 or more minutes. The District will cooperate fully with the Department of Health in support of contact tracing. Lacey Diemer will act as the point of contact for the County Health Department in the event there are other questions/ information needed for case investigation.

Click below to see the Department of Health's plan for contact tracing.

Return to School Protocol

Deposit CSD Reopening Plan 2020

View the slides from our reopening meetings with staff and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check this document for answers to common questions about our reopening plan.

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