Budget Vote 2021-2022
The budget vote for 2021-2022 is scheduled for May 18th from 1 PM to 8 PM
in the high school band room. The public hearing for the budget is to be held on May 10th at 5 PM in the elementary library. You can also attend the Village of Deposit meeting via Zoom on 5/11 for a budget presentation at 7 PM. 
For information about the budget, visit our page: https://www.depositcsd.org/BudgetInformation.aspx

Community Schools

Community Schools Initiative

Community Schools Initiative

As a Community School, Deposit CSD works to build partnerships with families and community organizations in a collaborative effort to support each child's learning and development. 

What is a Community School?
A Community School is a partnership among community stakeholders, parents and schools focused on supporting student development, improving student outcomes, supporting families and developing strong communities. When schools, families and communities work together, every component of this partnership can be strengthened and engaged.

Opportunities ~ Using a Community School Model, DCS will offer the following:
Parenting Classes
Support Groups
Health & Social Supports
Early Childhood Education
Fun Activities
Family & Community Engagement

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Laura Bigelow, Community Schools Coordinator
607-467-2198 x 2321