Budget Information

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2020-2021 Budget Information

Thank you, Deposit Community!
Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Governor Cuomo ordered schools to conduct their budget vote and board elections through the US mail. In May, eligible voters were sent absentee ballots with postage-paid return envelopes. All aspects of this process were dictated by the state. On June 16th at 5:01 PM, the election inspectors began counting the votes. Thank you for the support you showed by participating in this process. The results are as follows:
Proposition 1 - Budget Approval
The voters approved the district's proposed budget of $17,197,590
Yes: 472      No: 177
Proposition 2 - Purchase of Buses
Yes: 435      No: 214
Proposition 3 - Approval of monies for the Deposit Free Library
Yes: 476      No: 172
Two Board of Education candidates elected for two seats: John Lanner and Julie Martin

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