Safety Information

Committed to School Safety


DCS Community,
Our district places the highest importance on school safety, and we believe it is a collective responsibility that requires the active engagement of our entire community. Our children deserve to learn and thrive in an atmosphere that fosters growth, development, and a sense of security. Here are some of the key aspects of our commitment to school safety:

  1. Comprehensive Safety Protocols:  We have developed and continuously update comprehensive safety protocols in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, and community partners. These protocols cover a wide range of situations, from natural disasters to potential security threats, to ensure a swift and coordinated response.
  2. Trained Staff: Our teachers, administrators, and support staff undergo regular training to ensure they are well-prepared to respond to emergencies and create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  3. Mental Health and Well-Being: We recognize the importance of mental health and well-being as a critical aspect of safety. We provide resources and support to students and staff, striving to create a caring and inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.
  4. Technology and Infrastructure: We continually invest in technology and infrastructure to enhance the safety of our schools. This includes surveillance sytems, access control, and communication tools to keep us better connected and informed.
  5. Community Partnerships: We work closely with local law enforcement, emergency responders, and community organizations to ensure that our safety measures are aligned and effective.
  6. Open Communication: We believe that open and transparent communication is a vital part of our safety efforts. We encourage our community members to report any concerns or potential threats, and we take every report seriously.

Please be sure to review the information on this page so you're aware of the protocols we follow in emergency situations. You will find other important information on this page, including our plans for weather-related closures. Together, we can make our schools safer and more nurturing places for our students to learn, grow, and succeed. We appreciate your trust in us, and we are committed to upholding the values of safety, respect, and excellence in education.