Buildings and Grounds

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At Deposit CSD, we're proud of our beautiful facilities. Our primary goal is to create an inviting and safe learning space for our students, families and community members. Our facilities employees include our supervisors, custodians, and cleaners. The department's work includes preventative maintenance, regular cleaning and maintenance, and management of emergencies. Safety, regulation compliance and support of educational programs are the priorities of the facilities department. 
From time to time, outside groups wish to use our facilities for meetings and other events. If you would like to request the use of our facilities, please use the form provided below. Permission for use is based on many factors including group size and availability. You will receive confirmation of the approval or denial of your request in writing. 

Contact Information

Matt Mastropietro
Director of Operations
607-467-2198 x 1136

Asbestos Notification

Notice is hereby given that the asbestos management plan for the Deposit Central School District is available for review at the Facilities Office during regular working hours.

Plans and Notices