School Closing
Due to the State of Emergency declared by Governor Cuomo, the Deposit CSD campus is closed until the end of the 2020 academic year. Learning will continue remotely. Check this link and our FB page for regular updates.



The district will continue to transport eligible DCSD students using the following distance requirements:
1/2 mile for Pre-K through 5
1 mile for 6 through 12
It is important that students learn their bus route number or symbol and arrive early to their bus stop.
Your primary address will be used to identify the pick up and drop off location of your child(ren). Changes to the pick up and drop off points will only be made for purposes of regularly scheduled childcare or emergencies. In these situations, changes can be arranged through the elementary and MS/HS offices at the beginning of the school year or (in the case of an emergency) no later than 1:15 PM.
Changes for pre-K students should be made by the following times:
9:30 a.m. for drop off changes for AM Pre-K and pick-up changes for p.m. pre-K
1:15 p.m. for drop off changes for p.m. pre-K

Contact Information

Jodi Newman, Transportation Supervisor
Lisa Weiss, Elementary Secretary
467-2198 x 2301
Dana Campo, Middle School/High School Secretary
467-2197 x 1100 
Having trouble? Our email address: 

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