The district will continue to transport eligible DCSD students using the following distance requirements:
1/2 mile for Pre-K through 5
1 mile for 6 through 12
It is important that students learn their bus route number or symbol and arrive early to their bus stop.

To ensure the health and safety of our students, there will be no bus changes allowed.

Driver Shortage Transportation Plan

Transportation Schedule
In response to the bus driver shortage that Deposit CSD, like most districts, is experiencing at the current time, the District has created an emergency plan for days when there are not enough drivers to bring all students to and from school. In the event that we are short staffed:
1) You will be notified by our School Messenger system (automated phone calls, texts, emails) that your child’s bus route will be delayed.
2) We will try to inform families about this change the night before the delay. In cases where this is not possible, families will be notified no later than 6:30 a.m. on the day of the delay.
3) The delay should be approximately 1 hour behind schedule.
4) Families should also plan for a 1-hour delay return schedule at the end of the day, but we will work to rearrange schedules/routes to accommodate a normal return time whenever possible. If students are required to stay at the end of the day due to a driver shortage, supervision and snack will be provided at the school.
5) It’s important to remember that the delay only applies to the students on the bus routes identified (families notified). The message sent to families will be clear, so there is no confusion about a school-wide delay.
6) We encourage families to self-transport if they are able to in this situation.
7)The district is continuously recruiting bus drivers at the current time. We hope that we are able to maintain a normal driving schedule at all times, but want to be prepared for a potential shortage.

Contact Information

Dave Lester, Transportation Supervisor

Jessica Cornell
Elementary Secretary
607-467-2198 x 2301
Dana Campo, Middle School/High School Secretary
607-467-2197 x 1100 
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