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girls bowling team

Top 3 finish for the Lumberjack Ladies of the Lanes

Those pins never had a chance! Our Lumberjack Ladies of the Lanes did themselves proud at the February 17 Section IV Class D Tournament at Midway Lanes, Vestal. Our Girls' Varsity Bowling Team rolled their way a third place finish! Great job, ladies! 

High Risk Athletics Updates

Interscholastic Athletics

Matt Mastropietro, Athletic Director, 467-2197

The Deposit Central School District believes that a dynamic interscholastic athletic program is vital to the educational development of our students. Our athletic program provides a variety of experiences for the development of sports skills, physical fitness, a sense of loyalty, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for others that will prepare student-athletes for success in their adult life. As team members, student-athletes are encouraged to face challenges and develop their leadership skills.

Every effort is made to support the athletic program with the best facilities, uniforms and equipment and with the most qualified coaching staff available. Our coaches reflect a sound, positive philosophy while teaching our students in a safe and healthful environment.

Our athletic program is governed by the regulations established by the commissioner of education’s “Basic Code for Athletic Activities”, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and our policy for interscholastic athletics.

The opportunity to participate in our sports program is afforded to all eligible secondary students in grades 7-12.

Title IX and Section 504

In compliance with United States Law under Title IX and Section 504 “non-discrimination on basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status or disability” the Deposit Central School District herewith notifies all parties that it does not discriminate in the educational programs or activities that it operates and that it is required by Title IX and the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare (H.E.W.) not to discriminate in such a manner.

Inquiries concerning the application of Section 504, Title IX and the rules and regulations of H.E.W. may be referred to Lauri Thomas-McCoy at 467-2198 x 2304. Inquiries concerning Title IX or Section 504 may also be referred to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Right, 10 Metro Tech, 625 Fulton Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201; telephone (718) 488-3550.