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Welcome to our instructional staff resources page. Here you'll find information and links for topics like certification and professional development. 

Teacher Registration

Do you need to register with NYSED? Beginning in 2016, NYSED required all certificate holders to "register" themselves on the TEACH system. By registering, you are acknowledging that you wish to maintain an active teaching certification in New York State. To check your status or register, you need to log onto the TEACH site (link is in the right column). Once there, you'll see "View Registration Status" under the "Inquiry Links" section. Registrations are good for 5 years. Holders of initial and professional certificates are required to complete their 100 hours of CTLE within the 5 year registration period. 

From NYS: 
We are not currently asking teachers to submit proof of completion for the 100 CTLE hour requirement. If certificate holders have completed the requirement, they just need to hold on to all CTLE certificates that they have received, and for a period of three years after they attest, as we may require proof of completion in the event of an audit.
Near the end of a registered certificate holder’s registration period, they will receive an email prompting them to login to their TEACH accounts and attest to completing the 100-hour CTLE requirement, answer moral character questions, and select a new registration status.

For more information about record keeping and CTLE, see the PD Request Process form under the "Professional Development Info" heading in the right column.


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