Quick Tip Information

What is SchoolMessenger Quick TIP?

A new reporting tool for students.
Quick Tip is a support system that allows students to communicate with school administrators anonymously. While the district already has many programs to help students deal with challenges such as bullying behaviors, stress, peer pressure, and family problems, Quick Tip helps break the code of silence often experienced by students because it allows them to report concerns to administrators anonymously.

How does it work?
Tips are sent using a form available online or in App. When sending a tip, submitters select from a drop-down list of common issues they may be facing and then enter the tip message. If they have an image related to the tip, there is an option to attach it to the message. If tip submitters want to include contact information, there are fields that allow them to do so. Administrators in the district office receive the tips and forward them to the school to investigate or take action as appropriate.  

When can students use the system?
Students will have access to Quick Tip 24 hours a day, seven days a week at https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/deposit/quicktip/ Students may log on to Quick Tip from any computer with internet access and have the ability, on or off campus, to create positive connections with administrators by addressing topics of concern.

It's helpful to share specific information such as a detailed description of the concern or incident, names and grade levels of those involved, location of concern, names of any potential witnesses, and any supporting evidence.

It's important that reporters submit thorough and accurate information, False reporting is subject to disciplinary action.

Quick Tip is available to Deposit School District students. Parents and other adults wishing to express a concern or share information are encouraged to continue doing so by calling our schools directly and speaking with the appropriate personnel. It is our hope that Quick Tip will provide students with a form of support that will result in us hosting the best possible learning environment for our students.