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Deposit Central School

171 Second Street
Deposit NY, 13754
Phone: (607) 467-2197
Superintendent of Schools
Mrs. Denise Cook
Phone: (607) 467-5380
[email protected]

Director of Special Education
and Related Services

Mrs. Lauriel Thomas McCoy
Phone: (607) 467-2197
Fax: (607) 467-1002
[email protected]

Director of School Facilities
Mr. Tom Williams
Phone: (607) 467-2197
Fax (607)-467-1579
[email protected]

Elementary Principal
Ms. Kelli Parsons
Phone: (607) 467-2198
Fax: (607) 467-4495
[email protected]

High School Principal
Mrs. Theresa Rajner
Phone: (607) 467-2197
Fax: (607) 467-5504
[email protected]

Middle School Principal
Athletic Director

Mr. Ed Swartwout
Phone: (607) 467-2197
[email protected]